We're driven by three beliefs.

Builders move the world forward. Progress comes from the hard work, ingenuity, and adaptability of builders. Without them, we wouldn’t have the Golden Gate Bridge, the Internet, or the Smallpox vaccine. Improving the happiness and productivity of builders improves the lives of everyone.

When there is joy in building, powerful work gets done. Creating something truly great takes time, collaboration, change, feedback, and repetition. The process can be draining, the temptation to declare “good enough” irresistible. Builders persevere when they find joy in the process, and it’s in those moments that the breakthroughs happen.

Tools can be a source of joy. Like sharp knives in the hands of master chefs, great tools amplify the impact of their wielders. When tools provide focus and leverage, rather than distraction and frustration, they empower builders to do their best work.

We're sharpening our tools.

We’re building new interfaces for the tools builders already use. Our focus is on infusing joy. Great tools empower builders to focus, and when builders get more time with their work, the world moves forward faster.

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